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1.1 What is MTradeGo?

MTradeGo is a property of MTradeGo, Inc & its subsidiaries  which is utilising MSR Capital Limited’s security trading license. MSR Capital Limited (known as MSR hereinafter) was incorporated on 12th September 2014 under the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) with license no. SL/16/2005, authorized & regulated by LFSA. Granted under the LFSA, we are legally authorized as to Part IV of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010, which provides licensing of securities licensees with the following scope of business: Provide investment advice or administration services in respect of securities for the purpose of investment; or Deal in securities; or Provide other activities as may be specified by Labuan FSA. MSR is a member of the LFSA, refer the link here.

1.2 What type of broker is MTradeGo?

MtradeGo is a digital/online stock brokerage that allows clients to directly access to the US stock markets. Our clearing house and custodian is Interactive Brokers which is based in US.

1.3  What are the benefits of buying stocks at MTradeGo?

MTradeGo offers a simple, low cost, user-friendly and direct access to the listed stock exchanges and allows our clients to invest in real-time environment, with complete control over their investment portfolios.


Open Account


2.1 What is the minimum age to open an account?

Applicant must be 18 years old and above to open an account.

2.2 What are the documents required for verification?

You will need to provide clear color copy of:


  • Government-issued Identification (with your picture/photograph) either a driving license or passport or identification card;  (Identity Document)

  • The latest Bank Statement or Driving License under your name within the last 3 months; (Proof of address)

  • A valid email address which will be verified upon account opening; and

  • A Valid & active phone number.

2.3 How do I Open a Trading Account?

Install MTradeGo APP, then sign up with your email and verified it, you will receive a welcome email and CLICK the link Start Electronic Application

Fund and Withdrawal


3.1 How much is needed to open a new account?

For cash account, initial fund required ranged between USD 100 and above. For Margin Account, minimum is USD 2000.

3.2 How can I deposit and withdraw funds from my account?

To fund in your account, please go, click on the Client Portal on Top Right (Laptop), or Menu Button (Mobile). Key in your user name and password. Once logged in, Choose Transfer & Pay > Deposit/Withdrawal and key in all relevant information and follow the instruction to complete the necessary steps.

If you have any questions, please email:  

3.3 How long would a deposit and withdrawal take, and can I withdraw to a different bank account?

The deposit and withdrawal process will depend on your bank and correspondent/intermediary banks, transfers can take 3-5 business days. You CANNOT withdraw to a different bank account, it MUST BE in exactly the same beneficiary name (your name only) and bank account you use to fund in, please keep all the transaction records for future reference.

Buy/Sell Stocks


4.1 How do I search for stocks?

Enter a stock name you know; eg Starbucks in the search bar. Once search result appears, click on the stock you are looking for.

*The stocks list displayed by MTradeGo shall not be taken as recommendation. Please obtain enough data and conduct analysis before each and every trade decision.

4.2 What markets can I trade in?

Currently, you can only trade in US Markets. Plan of listing stocks of other major markets is underway.

4.3 How do I trade?

Your investments and strategies are a personal choice, you can study market data and information and evaluate what and when you should invest in. Under [News], MTradeGo channels news feed from various sources. *All trades are solely users’ individual decision.

4.4 If a market is closed can I still BUY/SELL the stocks from that market?

No, MTradeGo does not support “off Market” trading, however, you can place a “limit” order that will execute when the market touches your price limit.

4.5 Are the buy and sell orders executed in real time?

Yes, all executions are done in real time when the market is open.

4.6 Where can I see my order history, portfolio analyst and statements?

All trading history and statements can be viewed by log in to the Client Portal at the Top Right button of the web version of

4.7 Do I receive dividends on relevant stocks I own?

Yes, the payments will be made directly into your trading account.

4.8 What is the maximum amount that I can lose when investing in stocks?

Your portfolio value depends on: 1. your investment strategies 2. risk appetite 3. portfolio diversification. Your stock values will fluctuate up and down, it is highly unlikely that your entire portfolio would be “zero”, unlike CFD trading, this would mean all the companies you have invested in were bankrupt.

4.9 Is it possible to cancel or edit an order

Yes, inside your account "Positions" tab.

4.10 How to sell my stocks?

Click on “Positions” tab, on the top of the page. This will direct you to the page where you can see all the stocks that you own. Choose the stock that you would like to sell and click on it to expand the box. The “Close” button will appear, allowing you to sell your stocks.

4.11 What are the cash requirements for buying and selling stocks?

For buying stocks, there is no minimum amount of cash required if your cash balance is more than the total stocks price. MTradeGo only provide Cash Account for deposit less than USD10,000.00, means you cannot trade on margin or short selling. If your account is more than USD10,000,please contact us.

For other support matters, please email to, we will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

4.12 What is the Maximum number of open trades I can have in my account?

With enough fund in your account, there is no maximum cap of open trades.

4.13  When do exchange markets open and close?

US market, open daily on weekdays from 930am to 400pm ET (New York Time) and closes during the holiday.

For New York Stock Exchange, refer to

For Nasdaq, refer to

Update Account


5.1  How can I change my password?

Please login to your account. Click on your profile (Me). Password could be changed in this page. Please keep your new password safe.

5.2 How can I retrieve my password if I have forgotten it?

Choose Forgot password on the login page. An automatic email will be sent to your registered email address, kindly follow the onscreen instructions.

5.3  How do I know my account is successfully approved?

You will receive an email on account approval with account number appear in the [Me] in the APP menu. Subsequently, the [Apply online] in the APP menu will disappear once your account is activated and ready to trade.



6.1 Does MTradeGo charge deposit/withdrawal fees?

We do not charge fees for deposit nor withdrawal, however,

  • Corresponding bank and the intermediary banks will charge processing fees

  • Deposit and withdrawal are subject to the corresponding bank exchange rate to USD.

6.2 Admin Fees & Commissions

At present, we don’t charge any admin fees, however, we may impose minimum fees in the future. All MTradeGo users can request the latest fee and commission structure by email: To remain competitive with other brokers, we update the fees.



7.1 Can users from the US trade with MTradeGo?

At the moment, we are not allowed to accept US citizens applicant. Once we have the clearance, we will notify you via email.

7.2 Where are MTradeGo servers located?

MTradeGo has multiple servers strategically placed around the world. Exact locations are not disclosed for security reasons.

7.3 Is my personal information safe & protected?

Yes, MTradeGo respects privacy and maintains tight procedures and protocols to protect client data.

7.4 I can't find my FAQ here, what should I do?

Email us at, we love to hear from you.

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