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Trustable platform

A trusted & regulated platform, backed by established reputable US clearing house.


You own it

You own the shares you buy, not anyone else. Security and peace of mind assured.


In-app US Market news

Most updated news about the markets are pushed into the APP. 
Even veteran investors will benefit greatly.


Investing Made Easy

You have probably been looking for a regulated and trusted platform to own your favourite stocks and companies; (yes, we mean STOCKS and NOT CFDs.  Please take note, that CFD is not regulated. In short, CFD is not as secure and safe as stock). So, search no more, we have the best platform to handle all your trading and investment needs.


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Our Features:

Trade in the US Stock Market Like A Pro

MTRADEGO is here to make it possible for everyone to invest in the stock market. We make it possible for you to trade your favorite stocks securely and get updated daily on the go with latest financial news. You will master the art of trading faster using our app and services.

Easy to Use

To create an account on our platform is very easy, safe and secure. You will need to provide us with a valid email address, a secure password. Once your account is created and verified with us, you’ll have access to the app and can fund, trade and withdraw with ease.

Fund with Ease

Our offers are at the lowest rate just to make things easy for you and our commissions are one of the lowest in the region. Once you are registered with us, it’d be easy to fund, easy to trade, deposit and withdraw.

You’ll Get The Latest Trade Ideas

We will update you on the latest news via Twitter on the financial market regarding a stock you invested in. You will always be up to date and prepared for any trade.



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Vincent Ti, an user who have been using various trading platforms:

MTradeGo is easy to use, the user experience is among the best platforms I’d tried.

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Mr. Vincent is an active trader who has more than 10 years US stock trading experience.


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